Hi, I’m Brennan.

I build innovative digital products people love.

Over the past 12 years, I‘ve built web-based tools for non-profits, art collectors, bike shares, e-commerce companies. Some examples:

  • Your information filtration system. Kelp serves you relevant documents and webpages when you need them.
  • I was a founding team member helping build a scalable solution to address the root causes of health for underserved urban populations. I ran the engineering team.
  • I lead the engineering team through first successful PCI compliance for Citi Bike. I also managed all in-house and contractor software development for the ~10 bike shares Motivate ran around the world.
  • A set of small interactive visualizations to help us understand the cities we live in.
  • I ran the team responsible for making sure Artsy’s public facing web presence is fast and maintainable and that out custom tools for live events such as art fairs and auction worked well.


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We all have stories, as engineers, of fixing some crazy thing at the last minute right before the demo goes up. We have all encountered situations where we needed to fix something that was our fault and we needed to fix it now.